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web video

Video is the fastest growing marketing tool on the web today. Just follow the big dogs. Google bought YouTube. Then Google snatched up a video compression company called On2 Technologies.
web video marketing consultant
Google is a marketing company. It is a no brainer for web marketing maniacs like myself >>> video will be the go-to tool my clients will be asking for to satisfy their web marketing needs.

Discover what web video marketing means for your company. Its easy and very affordable...but best of all, its teachable. Once I coach your company how to use video to convert viewers into customers, I will show you how you can SEO your way to great listings on Google with web video.

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Ken Ronshausen,
Web Strategist

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Social Media Marketing

web sites Social Media has changed the way I look at web marketing. I now put business goals first -–tools and technologies second. Because it is so easy to publish on the web today, the power of the conversation is in the hands of the customer. Your customers are talking about your brand on the web. Are you listening? Broadcasting your message with an antiquated electronic brochure, just does not cut it anymore. Some still think that Social Media is a fad and are not convinced of this phenomenon. At first, I too thought it was a fad - until my customers started asking questions about social media. I did my own research, dove right in and sourced the discovery for myself. I discovered how to ride the social media marketing wave and utilize Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, and a Wordpress Blog as marketing tools to attact and engage my new connections. Social Media is changing my web marketing tactics and transforming my business strategy and has proven to generate me revenue. You see, good ideas become "greater - faster", in this hyper connection called social media networking. Social Media Marketing is here, and you might want to shorten your learning curve a bit and schedule a free 29 minute conversation with me to discover more. It's not rocket science, but, it's best to get good intel before you jump on board.
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web design

web sites CyberStreak creates professional and affordable web sites that reflect your company's image while reaffirming your company's existing brand. CyberStreak understands that every element of your web site — logos, images, navigation, color scheme, type style, copy writing, and content, — should boost your business and contribute positively to your online reputation. Discover how web design can be simple and cost effective – and ultimately profitable for your business.
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Video Marketing - HD Web Video and DVD Productions

web video Video is the fastest growing marketing strategy on the web. Analysts predict web video will increase an incredible 1600% over the next four years. Video enables you to demonstrate your idea so easily, quickly and affordably that it's no wonder that business owners are on an ambitious quest to master this exciting media. Ask yourself, ... which would you rather do?... Read 6 more paragraphs on how to use web video to target your market or sit back and watch a video?
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search engine optimization

SEO When I was using the term "search engine optimization" back when the Internet was in it's infancy, people were a bit perplexed as to what I was talking about. Now that SEO is such a catch phrase, most of my requests are for web site search engine listing evaluations. Listing reports or evaluations are very affordable but its always better to incorporate Search Engine Optimization when a website is being developed than to apply SEO techniques at a later date.
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web hosting

web hosting CyberStreak is the web hosting choice of many busy business owners throughout Sonoma County and beyond. Award-winning, affordable, and feature packed, you can choose from a Linux or Windows server for your web hosting solutions. CyberStreak offers business class web hosting at a very affordable price. All your web service needs available under one secure roof located in Petaluma, Sonoma County. Read More > Sonoma County web hosting with CyberStreak.


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Web Marketing Success
"I have been fortunate to have Cyberstreak on my team since the launch of our website close to 14 years ago. Much of our company's acquired success comes from good use of our advertising on the Internet. Ken, "the web guy" at Cyberstreak, has been available for us since the very beginning 24/7 even with the growth his own company. To this day, Ken still provides us with excellent service. The best part is that he explains web marketing in a language we can follow.

I will utilize Ken's skills continually and appreciate his progressive style. He is always one step ahead of the competition. I suggest anybody with a business who is in need of an approachable and comprehensive web marketing company to contact Ken at CyberStreak. You'll be looked after well."

Debranne Pattillo
Equinology, Inc.

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